Sunday, August 28, 2011


Buried in the personal projects folder on my laptop are any number of technical things that I periodically pick up, play with, and put down again over the course of months and years: electronics and programming projects, mathematical explorations, technical rants, fragments of research, etc.

Sometimes in discussions with friends and colleagues, I'm prompted to go rooting around in there to find some bit of related work or code.  Additionally, some of the work in there (e.g. exercise sets from math books I'm working through) could really benefit from comments, suggestions, and participation by a broader audience.

I thought it might be nice to organize some of this stuff in a more public fashion, and also to have a more technically geeky outlet for stuff that just doesn't seem appropriate for my facebook feed (and conversely, to have a place that is more technically concentrated with less social fluff for friends or colleagues who might prefer that.)

I'm thinking to start off with a few posts relating to things that have been sitting around on my laptop for a while, and then make this into more of an ongoing technical journal.

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